Changes in the bus traffic due to event June 2-14

31/5 2023 kl. 12:01
Take the boat to the Thiel Gallery

Boat 80 runs as usual these days and stops at Blockhusudden a few minutes' walk from the Thiel Gallery.

June 2–14

Bus 67 will have Waldemarsudden as the end stop instead of Blockhusudden, during the period bus 69 will extend and serve the stops Manilla, Thielska Galleriet and Blockhusudden. Note the specific changes in the dates below.

June 3

Adidas Stockholm Marathon, bus 67 and 69 is completely canceled between approx. 11 am-7:30 pm.

June 4

Prince Bertil Memorial, Gärdesloppet. On this day, bus 67 will operate its regular route throughout the day. Until about 6:15 pm, bus 69 will not serve stop Djurgårdsbrunn, stop Kaknäs will be the final stop.

June 6

National Day. Bus 67 will have Karlaplan as the final stop between around 2.30pm and 8.40pm, no traffic to Djurgården during this time. Around 8.15pm-11pm, the bus will run the back route between Odenplan-Liljevalchs/Gröna Lund and thus will not serve the Nordiska museet/Vasamuseet stop.

Travelers who want to take bus 67 towards the city can go to the stops in the direction of Blockhusudden, so in the "wrong" direction compared to normal.

Bus 69 will be extended to Blockhusudden as usual, but will only serve Karlaplan-Blockhusudden at around 2.30pm-9:30pm.

June 13-14

Blodomloppet. The bus will not stop at Manilla and Thielska Galleriet during both days.

Read more on Royal Djurgården's website.

The Thiel Gallery is Stockholmers' favorite museum 2023

23/2 2023 kl. 09:10

Thielska Galleriet has been awarded the prize Stockholmers' favorite museum 2023!

The survey was carried out by the company Evimetrix where 1,500 randomly selected Stockholmers expressed their opinion about 42 museums. Read the press release here.

Welcome to experience art from the turn of the last century and our temporary exhibition "Still nature. Oskar Bergman". Café Monika Ahlberg serves lunches and home-baked goods.

The museum and café are open Tue-Sun 12-5pm. Warm welcome!

Opening "Still Nature. Oskar Bergman"

18/2 2023 kl. 03:00

Today, February 18, opens the exhibition Still Natur. Oskar Bergman.

At 2 pm
Director Åsa Cavalli-Björkman presents the exhibtion
Music by Päyam Tabatabayi who performs poems by Oskar Bergman's favorite poet Omar Khayyam (1048–1131).

The painter Oskar Bergman (1879–1963) is intimately linked to the Thiel Gallery and Djurgården. With 43 works, he is one of the most well-represented artists in the Thiel collection. Signe Maria and Ernest Thiel were crucial to Bergman’s artistic career. In addition to purchasing his works, the Thiels offered him board and lodging in the Neglinge artist home in Saltsjöbaden, which they funded for a few years around 1900.

Characteristic of Oskar Bergman’s oeuvre is the atmospheric and meticulously detailed urban and pastoral landscapes, with their vibrant colours and shimmering light. He used mainly watercolours but also oil, gouache and graphite. Alongside painting, Bergman was a printmaker and illustrator. People rarely feature in his motifs. Instead, he portrayed forests, solitary trees, roads, fields and water in different seasons, along with wildflowers, picturesque city scenes and the archipelago.

The exhibition is on display until August 20 2023.

Royal Djurgården is presented the international Green Destinations Platinum Award

28/9 2022 kl. 11:13

After a period of extensive preparation and reporting of substantive dossiers covering more than 100 sustainability criteria and indicators, and an independent audit Royal Djurgården has been awarded Green Destinations Platinum Award, for working with sustainability issues in all Global Sustainability Tourism Council’s topics in a structured way. As the work continues, all of us at Djurgården are proud to have been pointed out as a lighthouse for sustainable destinations worldwide and an inspiration for more destinations in big cities.

Extended opening hours until 8 pm on Thursdays

02/5 2022 kl. 10:21

From May, the museum and Café Monika Ahlberg are open in the evening on Thursdays until 8 pm. Discover Signe Maria and Ernest Thiel's large art collection from the turn of the last century, see contemporary art in the exhibition A Home and have something to eat and drink at Café Monika Ahlberg. Outdoor seating in the sculpture park.

Warm welcome!

The exhibition catalogue A HOME in the museum shop

25/4 2022 kl. 16:23

The exhibition catalog ETT HEM / A HOME is now available for purchase in the museum shop and in our webshop.

Texts by director Åsa Cavalli-Björkman, art critic Joanna Persman and Hans Ruin, professor of philosophy.

Price: 170 SEK

Read more about the exhibition here.

Thiel Gallery launches collaboration with the National Heritage Board

06/5 2021 kl. 13:00

Conservation scientists from the National Heritage Board’s laboratory in Visby on Gotland are visiting the Thiel Gallery this week to photograph four old paintings in the collection with a mobile digital X-ray tube, UV and IR light. The works are attributed to Lucas Cranach the Elder, El Greco and Tintoretto, three of Europe’s most prominent Renaissance painters.

Digital technology reveals details immediately, enabling investigators to identify layers of restoration and repairs made over the years, to help confirm the age of the paintings. Tintoretto’s Lamentation over the Dead Christ – purchased by Ernest Thiel from the German art dealer Paul Cassirer – turns out to be a patchwork of canvases in plain weave and twill, stitched together at different times.

“It was not just a matter of restoring and conserving old works as long as possible, but also of making them attractive on the art market,” says Charlotta Nordström, project manager of “Home Museum as a Digital Cultural Heritage – The Thiel Gallery”, and the initiator of the current examination of the paintings.

Vital clues

The National Heritage Board’s photographic documentation of the works will provide vital clues for the next stage, when international experts analyse and interpret the findings. Provenance research (finding previous owners) will be undertaken to trace the works of art as far back in time as possible in the hopes of establishing their origins. For its research on the history of the collection, the Thiel Gallery consults with the Italian art historian Sarah Ferrari, an expert on Venetian Renaissance painting, currently in the research department at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

The photographic examination of the reverse sides of the paintings will be completed on Friday, 7 May. Once these initial results have been analysed a further follow-up investigation based on the findings will be planned. A possible next step might than be to identify specific details, such as what pigments have been used compared to what is known about each artist's palette.

The National Heritage Board’s laboratory in Visby is a resource facility for government funded institutions, providing technological and scientific examinations of art within the framework of heritage science.

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The Thiel Gallery launches a new digital platform "Search the collections and the archive"

26/4 2021 kl. 13:16

The Thiel Gallery launches a new digital platform for its collections and archive. The museum's art collection, handicrafts and design collection, along with the archive, are searchable here. The latter includes the letter collections of Ernest Thiel and artist Richard Bergh.

The new digital platform is part of the project Home Museum as a digital cultural heritage – the Thiel Gallery financed by Riksbanken's Jubilee Fund. The platform is developed in collaboration with the Swiss company Zetcom and includes almost 6,000 objects: painting, sculpture, graphics, sketches, furniture, handicrafts, photographs and a rich correspondence, including letters with the author Hjalmar Söderberg - Ernest Thiel's most faithful friend.

The category handicrafts and design includes furniture, glass, porcelain and textiles. Over 500 works of art have been photographed during the project to complete the documentation. Among the new pictures are, for example, Albert Engström's 65 original drawings for the comic paper Strix.

Ernest Thiel's private home sold to the Swedish state in 1924

Ernest Thiel's combined private home and art gallery was sold to the Swedish state in December 1924 and the following year the Thiel Gallery museum was opened to the public. The furniture and fixtures were cataloged in 1929–1930, and a recent inventory showed that the objects largely corresponded to what belonged to the original collection. Over the years, the collection has expanded with donations and purchases.

It is possible to download the images in JPG format in medium resolution and a larger part of the archive material is also downloadable as PDF files. Copyrighted works of art are included on the platform, but with markings according to Visual Copyright Society in Sweden (formerly BUS) or equivalent organization. In these cases, it is the user's responsibility to report usage. For newspaper clippings, 115 years apply after the date of publication, ie the same guidelines that the Royal Library follows when digitizing Swedish daily newspaper pages. Copyright otherwise applies during the author's lifetime and 70 years thereafter.

Our purpose is to continuously enrich the platform with content. Biographical information, image analyzes and other forms of descriptive texts will be gradually added. The platform is aimed at both researchers and the public.

Search the collections and archive here

For a register of the contents of the archive, including the unpublished material, please contact

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Thiel Gallery receives donation

18/3 2021 kl. 12:26

The Thiel Gallery has received a donation of one of the first studies Richard Bergh made for his national romantic painting The Knight and the Maiden from 1897, one of the most important works in the Thiel collection – and in Swedish art history. It gives us an insight into the artist’s long and arduous creative process leading to the finished painting.

This lively study in oil on panel is signed with a dedication: “The embryo of a knight, dedicated to Isaria by Dick.” The singer Isaria (born Boklund) was married to the artist Oscar Björck, and the couple belonged to the same circle as “Dick”, as Richard Bergh was called by his friends, and the art patron Ernest Thiel.

This picture is bathed in sunlight, whereas the finished painting is a landscape at dusk. The brushwork is more energetic in the sketch, but the composition is the same as in the final work. In the foreground, a knight in gilt armour puts his hand on the shoulder of a young girl in a long, white gown, who holds a dandelion gone to seed – an ambiguous symbol of life and mortality, death and rebirth.

Richard Bergh (1858-1919) was preoccupied with the theme of the knight and the maiden throughout the 1890s. Mediaeval fantasies were in fashion, but he was particularly captivated by the fields of dandelion seed-heads he had seen on Gotland, Sweden’s largest island. In twilight, these pastures turned to a powdery pinkish red. The Thiel Gallery collection has several graphite sketches, notes and oil studies for The Knight and the Maiden, but none of these show the entire scene.

“We are delighted to add this historically important sketch to our collection, and are deeply grateful to the art collectors Susan and David Werner from Pennsylvania, USA, for enabling us, together with the Friends of the Thiel Gallery, to make this acquisition,” says Åsa Cavalli-Björkman, Director of the Thiel Gallery. “Richard Bergh’s study has found its place next to the painting The Knight and the Maiden in the Dining Room on the first floor of the Gallery. It feels like it has finally come home.”

Susan and David Werner have collected Swedish art for more than twenty years. On their first visit to the Thiel Gallery, they were impressed by the quality of the collection and how it interacted with the fin-de siècle setting. This donation of the study for The Knight and the Maiden is their way of thanking the Gallery for being a constant source of inspiration.

Opening hours Christmas and New Years

11/12 2020 kl. 13:33

Opening hours for the museum and Cafe Monika Ahlberg

Tuesday December 22 - Closed
Wednesday December 23 - Closed
Christmas Eve December 24 - Closed
Christmas Day December 25 - Closed
Boxing Day Saturday December 26 - Open 12 pm-5 pm
Sunday December 27 - Open 12 pm-5 pm
Monday December 28 - Closed
Tuesday December 29 - Open 12 pm-5 pm
Wednesday December 30 - Open 12 pm-5 pm
New Years Eve Thursday December 31 - Closed
New Years Day Friday December 1 - Closed


The museum, sculpture park and café are open until 8 PM on Thursdays in July and August

11/6 2020 kl. 16:29

On Thursdays in July and August, the museum, sculpture park and Café Monika Ahlberg are open until 8 PM. In the lush, walled park you will find bronze sculptures by Johan Tobias Sergel, Gustav Vigeland, Auguste Rodin and Aron Jerndahl. Inside the museum is the summer exhibition Hidden treasures from the collections of the Thiel Gallery where art works that are rarely shown have been brought up from the museum magazine. Upstairs in the museum's Salons is the permanent collection of Nordic art from the turn of 1900s with artists such as Carl Larsson, Edvard Munch and Eugène Jansson.

Free entrance to the park.

Regular admission fee for visits inside the museum.

Warm welcome!

We ask all visitors to follow the instructions in the museum area: keep a distance, wash hands and stay at home when you feel the slightest symptoms. In accordance with the recommendations of the Public Health Authority, we comply with the general restrictions on a maximum of 50 persons in the museum's public parts at the same time.

The Thiel Gallery reopens on May 14

12/5 2020 kl. 13:07

The Thiel Gallery reopens for visitors Thursday, May 14 after almost two months of closure because of the coronavirus. The sculpture park has free entrance, and the museum is spacious for own visits and the exhibition The Experimental Self: Edvard Munch’s Photography is on display until May 31. Cafe Monika Ahlberg has prepared a welcoming environment in the cafe and offers outdoor seating and serving - with new furniture.

We ask all visitors to follow the guidelines in the museum: keep a distance to, wash your hands and stay home when showing slightest symptom. In accordance with the Public health agency of Sweden, we have a maximum of 50 people on the museum's public spaces at the same time.

The opening hours during May and June are Tuesday — Sunday 12 p.m. — 5 p.m. Not open in the evenings until June 30.


Information regarding the coronavirus

15/3 2020 kl. 09:41

The Thiel Gallery is closed for visitors

Because of the situation with the coronavirus, the Thiel Gallery is closed temporarily. The Cafe Monika Ahlberg is also closed during this time. We follow how the situation develops and hope that we soon can open the museum for visitors again.

The museum’s art collection and exhibitions will be available digitally during this time through social media and on our website.

Bus 67 - new bus route towards Thiel Gallery from December 15

12/12 2019 kl. 11:33

From December 15, the Thiel Gallery will be reached by bus 67 instead of bus 69. The new bus route will pass Skansen instead of Kaknästornet, which it did before. You can find the new timetable here.

It's also possible to get to the Thiel Gallery by boat 80, the stop is called Blockhusudden and is located just a ten minute walk from the museum. You can find the timetable here (valid from January 1, 2020)


Opening hours for Christmas and New Year

11/12 2019 kl. 16:30

During December and New Year our opening hours will differ from regular hours.
On Thursday 12/12, 19/12, 26/12, and 2/1, the museum closes at 17.

These are our opening hours during Christmas and New Year:
Christmas eve, December 24, closed
Christmas day, December 25, closed
Boxing day, 26 December 12-17
Friday 27/12, 12-17
Saturday 28/12, 12-17
Sunday 29/12, 12-17
Monday 30/12, closed
New years eve, Tuesday, December 31, closed
New years day, Wednesday, January 1, closed

From December 15, bus 67 replaces bus 69, you can find the updated timetable here

The Thiel Gallery can also be reached by boat 80 towards Frihamnen. Disembark at Blockhusudden.

Thielska lends out two paintings by Hammershøi to exhibition in Paris

08/3 2019 kl. 11:06

The Thiel Gallery lends its two paintings by the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864–1916) to the exhibition Hammershøi, the Master of Danish Painting, which opens at Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris on March 14th. It is the first time in twenty years that Hammershøi's paintings are shown in a larger exhibition in Paris.

The paintings Five portraits (1901) and Landscape (1900) were acquired by Ernest Thiel in 1905 in connection with an exhibition of Danish art in Gothenburg and have hung on the walls in the The Thiel Gallery since the palace was built in 1905–1907.

Five portraits is one of the artist's most central works and represents from the left the artist Thorvald Bindesbøll, the brother and ceramist Svend Hammershøi, art historian Karl Madsen, artist Jens Ferdinand Willumsen and the painter Carl Holsøe. The friends are gathered at an elongated table, but each is enclosed within itself. Many have pondered over the subject and its content. Nor did the writer Hjalmar Söderberg succeed in decoding the enigmatic painting, but jokingly stated that the gloom may be due to the depiction of five people, but only three glasses.

Vilhelm Hammershøi's quiet and meticulously composed paintings of interiors in particular have a psychological sharpness that captivates. The realistic style and soft gray scale could partly be explained in the use of photographic models.

The exhibition draws attention to Vilhelm Hammershøi's close ties to Paris. On two occasions – 1889 and 1900 – he participated in the world exhibition in the French capital. The exhibition also wants to highlight the creative collaboration with the closest circle where the friends in The Thiel Gallery's Five portraits constituted the core.

The exhibition Hammershøi, the Master of Danish Painting runs until 22 July 2019.

Vilhelm Hammershøi, Landscape, 1900. Foto: Tord Lundh

ORANGE DAY at the Thiel Gallery

24/11 2018 kl. 12:51

Orange light cast a warm light on the Thiel Gallery on Sunday November 25 in order to gain awareness of violence against women. November 25 is the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, and well-known buildings around the world will be saturated by orange light to take a stance. This year, Ferdinand Boberg’s early 19th-century palace is one of these buildings, and will therefore shine in this bright and optimistic color during the museums opening hours, to bring hope to a future without violence against women and girls.

Learn more

Thielska Galleriet, ORANGE DAY, 2018


Orange Day 2017


Carl Larsson to Tokyo – through loan from Thielska Galleriet

17/9 2018 kl. 14:53

Carl Larsson's paintings and Karin Larsson's decorative art are with their strong contours and decorative effects heavily influenced by Japanese aesthetics. On 22 September an extensive exhibition opens in Tokyo with paintings, furniture and textile art, all conveying an idea of the interior design ideals in the artist home in Sundborn in the region of Dalarna in Sweden. The loans are from Thielska Galleriet, Carl Larsson-gården and Göteborg Art Museum.

– Carl Larsson said ”as an artist, Japan is my motherland”. With such a backdrop it is extra interesting to exhibit his art in Japan. It will be thrilling to see how the Japanese roots of the Swedish National Romanticism will be displayed and explored, says Patrik Steorn, Museum Director at Thielska Galleriet.

Azalea (1906) and The Model Writing a Postcard (1902) make up seven of the paintings by Carl Larsson which Thielska Galleriet lends out to the exhibition Carl Larsson and his Home – Art of the Swedish Lifestyle, presented at Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art i Tokyo from 22 September – 24 December 2018.

Carl Larsson was one of Ernest Thiel's closest friends and painted portraits of Ernest, his wife Signe and their two children Tage and Inga-Maria. The room at Thielska Galleriet where the paintings permanently hang, is inspired by the couple Larsson's bright and colorful interior ideals. Altogether 25 artworks by Carl Larsson were acquired to the collection at Thielska: oil paintings, watercolors, charcoal sketches and graphic art.

The exhibition Carl Larsson and his Home – Art of the Swedish Lifestile is part of the celebration of the 150-year anniversary of Japanese and Swedish diplomatic connections.

Read more about the exhibition in Tokyo

Read more about Carl Larsson and Thielska Galleriet

Closed 12 June due to floor care

12/6 2018 kl. 12:38

Today Wednesday June 12 the museum is closed due to floor care. Tomorrow Wednesday June 13 we are open as usual between 12 and 17 o'clock. Welcome!

Thielska Galleriet digitaliserar sina samlingar

25/10 2017 kl. 15:57

Thielska Galleriet har beviljats drygt 4,3 miljoner av kronor av Riksbankens jubileumsfond för att digitalisera sina samlingar av målningar, skulpturer, konsthantverk, möbler och textilier. Bankiren och konstsamlaren Ernest Thiel brevväxlade med förra sekelskiftets tongivande konstnärer och digitaliseringen kommer även att omfatta museets arkiv med fotografier och korrespondens. Allt kommer att göras tillgängligt på nätet i en sökbar katalog.

– Vi är oerhört glada över detta besked. Med detta anslag kommer vi att kunna göra museet ännu mer tillgängligt för forskare och en kulturintresserade allmänhet, säger museichef Patrik Steorn.

– Thielska utgör en unik helhet som hemmuseum och databasen kommer att innehålla korsreferenser mellan brev, fotografier och konstverk, men också mellan byggnader och dess interiörer.

Thielska Galleriet är ett av de första offentliga hemmuseerna i Sverige. Det öppnade för publiken 1926 och symboliserar en viktig och dynamisk period i svensk och europeisk historia. Kärnan i museet är bankiren och konstsamlaren Ernest Thiel och hans familjs stora samling av nordisk symbolistisk konst.

Arbetet med digitaliseringen kommer att inledas vid årsskiftet 2017/2018 och är planerat att pågå under tre år.