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Augusta Lundin. The First Fashion House in Sweden

29 augusti 2020 — 24 januari 2021

Augusta Lundin is regarded as Sweden’s first couture-seamstress and created dresses of the highest splendour. Her creations followed the currents of contemporary European fashion and they were worn by the royalty and the upper-class, but also by members of the cultural sphere.
Lundin was a very important figure in Swedish fashion history, but her creations and works are surprisingly unknown to the public.

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Axel Törneman. The bohemian life and modernity

6 February 2021 - 6 June 2021

Axel Törneman (1880-1925) is a central figure for the Swedish modernism with his continental style. At the same time, he was a quirky bohemian who had his own style and avoided groupings.
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