Upcoming exhibitions

Gravitationel Ripples. Lea Porsager

5–6 June 2018

Welcome to a small exhibition presenting  the Danish artist Lea Porsager´s model and sketches to earth work Gravitational Ripples, the memorial for the 543 Swedes who lost their lives at the tsunami catastrophe in Thailand at Christmas 2004.

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Elin Elfström & Emanuel Röhss. Installations in the park

9 June–7 October 2018

Elin Elfström and Emanuel Röhss are two artists who refer to popular culture in different ways. They often use simple materials but of distinctive character and descent. For the exhibition at Thielska Galleriet they have produced new work that relate to the site.

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Nude Acts. Agunbiade-Kolawole, Karlsson Rixon and Zorn

16 June–23 September 2018

An exhibition about queer representation of body and identity, beyond conventional categories of the sexes.


Tyra Kleen, porträtt av Lilly Sparre, 1912, pastell

Tyra Kleen (1874–1951). Artist, vagabond, adventurer

16 June–23 September 2018

Symbolistic paintings, dramatic lithographs and colorful illustrations of dance in remote Asia are what characterize Tyra Kleen´s oeuvre. She was active in Rome, Paris, München and Stockholm and introduced a continental symbolistic current in the Swedish turn of the century art, that previously had to stand back for the strong national romanticism.