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Aron Jerndahl, Interior at the Thiel Gallery, 1929

Welcome to explore the Thiel Gallery's collections on our new digital platform Search the collections and archiveAlmost 6,000 objects are now available online which includes paintings, sculptures, graphics, sketches, furnitures, photographs, letters and other manuscripts.

On the new platform you can choose between using "simple search" for finding information about objects and archive material or filtering your search for what is displayed in the museum, a desired object category and, when it comes to the art collection, also for materials and technique. There is also a personal register sorted in alphabetical order and  – in addition – you can search for individuals' names.

The images on the platform are downloadable in medium resolution (JPG) and a large part of the archive material is available as PDF files for download, see the page about image sharing and copyright here. If you have any questions, please contact

Search the collections and archive