New exhibition: Visions. Katarina Löfström

24 May 2024

Opening Saturday 25 May

Katarina Löfström's video art and sculptural installations are far from the spoken and written word. With intense color fields or soft shapes taken from the sun-drenched surfing aesthetic of the 1970s, she conjures up dream-like states without beginning or end in her video works. The animated films are often born from meditative electronic music – a method she has stuck to since her time in the world of pop music when she had assignments as scriptwriter for video directors such as Jonas Åkerlund. In one of her sculptural works, the rattle of thousands of glittering sequins can be heard. They dance in time with the wind and reflect Djurgården's changing landscape. In works such as Echo, echo, echo she creates saintly halos for our time with round light tubes on stands.

Katarina Löfström's artistry can be described as an exploration of light and vision. What position should we take to best comprehend and interpret our world? No matter how hard we try, we tend to be either too close or too far away. Parallel to the Visions exhibition, the museum is showing a larger exposé (March 23–September 1) on the Värmland artist Stefan Johansson (1876–1955), who is renowned for his bold light studies. For Katarina Löfström, Stefan Johansson is an important conversational partner and source of inspiration.

Katarina Löfström was born in Falun in 1970 and educated at Konstfack, University of arts, craft and design. She lives and works in Stockholm.