Current exhibitions

More Edvard Munch at Thielska. Graphic prints from the Embassy of Norway in Stockholm

30 June–27 August 2017

This highly concentrated exhibition consists of eight graphic prints borrowed from the embassy of Norway in Stockholm. The Thiel Gallery has one of the largest collections of art by Edvard Munch outside Norway. The current presentation with loans from the embassy can in part be seen as a complement to work in the museum collection.

More information in English will be posted.

Moments. Sculptures by Karin Wiberg

1 June–1 October 2017

Karin Wiberg’s characterful sculptures of human beings and animals are self-possessed, expressing peace and thoughtfulness. In the summer her works claim their space in different parts of The Thiel Gallery’s garden ­– some sculptures are clearly visible, others more hidden. Together, they lead a walk that lets the visitor discover unexpected spots. The exhibition becomes an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the stillness under the grand old oak or the view of the fruit trees and the sunlit grass-slopes.

Free entry to the Sculpture Garden with café.

Karin Wiberg, Big gray man2006, burned and painted clay. Photo: Ida Magntorn

Karin Wiberg, Girl and hair, 2017, burned and painted clay. Photo: Ida Magntorn

Karin Wiberg in the mossgarden The Forest of Wisdom, Komatsu, Japan. Photo: Gustav Karlsson Frost / Frosty

Fashionable Memories. Clothes from Tonie Lewenhaupt´s collection

17 June–1 October 2017

European fashion history, the social context of clothing, Tonie Lewenhaupt´s act as a collector as well as the poetic potentials of  fashion are themes addressed in the exhibition, where the clothes will be displayed along with her historical illustrations of fashion. In The Thiel Gallery, once a private home,  the clothes will be placed in a unique setting. The costumes will also animate the rooms as places to meet, to be seen and show off.

Jeanne Lanvin (attributed to), eveningdress, 1910/20´s, silk velvet with pearl applications. Photo: Johanna Wulff

Left: Marc Bohan, Maison Christian Dior, "Green Park", dress, 1963, tweed. Right: Hubert de Givenchy, coat in yellow white, early 1960´s, wool tweed. Photo: Johanna Wulff

Christóbal Balenciaga (attributed), coatdress, 1950´s, silk. Back of mannequin: Christian Dior, black evening dress, silk faille and och tulll. Photo: Johanna Wulff