The foundation

Thielska Galleriet is a state foundation, which was founded in 1924, with the purpose of managing the property and the collections and preserving and showing these to the public. The foundation is led by a board consisting of five members who are appointed by the government. The operation is financed by an annual state grant and by entrance fees, rental of the premises, sale of store products and by funds sought from various foundations and funds. Thielska Galleriet has been a state building monument since 1958 and is managed by the Statens fastighetsverk but in 2021 the foundation will take over ownership and administration. The land is leased by Kungliga Djurgårdsförvaltningen.

The Board

Mats Lindberg, Chairman

Gunilla Asker, Member

Gabriel Karlberg, Treasurer

Isabella Nilsson, Member

Viktoria Walldin, Member
Social anthropologist and partner, White Architects

Åsa Cavalli-Björkman, co-opted secretary
Museum director Thiel Gallery

Postal address
Thielska Galleriet
Sjötullsbacken 6-8
115 25 Stockholm

Organisation number

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