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The Garden Party – Contemporary Swedish Sculpture

June 2 – September 25, 2016

"Without the arts, the man is reduced to a barbarian." (Ernest Thiel).

Artists: Ebba Bohlin, Cecilia Edefalk, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Rami Khoury, Albin Looström, Joakim Ojanen, Bella Rune and Elisabeth Westerlund.

If Ernest Thiel had lived today, what would it have looked like if he invited some artists to his park? The Garden Party. Contemporary Swedish Sculpture derives from the art patron Ernest Thiel´s grand hospitality and love of art. New works by eight artists will during the summer of 2016 give the permanent sculptures in the park at Thielska Galleriet a new context and let the park come alive as a space for contemporary art. The exhibition is free of admission and invites visitors of all ages to enjoy and explore the beautiful premises around Thielska Galleriet.


Curator: Kamarade, an exhibition collective directed by art historian Amelie Edlund, artist Anna Kleberg and graphic designer Maja Kölqvist. Since 2010, Kamarade produces exhibitions in collaborations with artists, institutions and private operators.

Joakim Ojanen, Den inre kretsen, 2016, ett av de verk som premiärvisas i Thielska Galleriets park med start 2 juni 2016.

Joakim Ojanen, The Inner Circle, 2016