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Prolonged date. Helga Henschen. Anniversary Exhibition

14 October, 2017 – 4 februari 2018

Helga Henschen (1917-2002) was a multi-disciplinary artist who chose freely among styles and expressions, blending seriousness, humour and politics into her images. Mighty sun goddesses, protective bulls, and children with birds hobnob with outspoken ladies and handwritten messages of solidarity, community and humanity. Helga Henschen allowed art to infuse her entire life, and in hindsight she appears to have been one of the most productive, popular and famous Swedish artists in the post-war era.

This exhibition is the most comprehensive retrospective since Helga Henschen died, and it also celebrates the artist's 100th anniversary. Her entire oeuvre, from the 1940s to the 1990s is presented – from small figurines and self-portraits, via larger terracotta sculptures and dream-like paintings, to accurate illustrations, political commentaries, posters and sketches for public art.