Image supply

Do you want to use images of the artworks in the collection, images of the building, the interiors of the house or the park? Most of the artworks, handicrafts and furniture are available as digital images in high resolution format.

Images from the Thiel Gallery collections will become available to download as medium-high-resolution JPG files via our website's new "search the collections" which will be launched no later than 2021. In the spring of 2020, free high-resolution images (TIF) of the art collection will be available to download via Wikimedia Commons. These images belong to the Public Domain and are part of our common cultural heritage. Anyone can use the images freely for any purpose.

For access to The Thiel Gallery high-resolution images in TIF format of handicraft and furniture, contact the museum with your request by e-mail:


About 100 works of art in the collection are protected by copyright, since the artist has not been dead for more than 70 years. The distribution and use of images of these works are not free of charge. Image users are responsible for checking current licenses and terms with Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige.


Administrative costs (VAT-free)

An administrative fee of SEK 1000 / image for images that are not yet available digitally for the public.

Artworks can be photographed upon request, the client is responsible for costs. Contact us for price information.

The image is sent in high resolution to the desired e-mail address with Sprend or similar e-mail service.


When using images for publications or products, please send an example of publication / product to the museum archive.

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