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Axel Törneman, Self portrait, 1922, Thielska Galleriet

Axel Törneman: Bohemian-life and modernity
6 February 2021 - 6 June 2021

Axel Törneman’s (1880-1925) art is characterized by dramatic compositions and motifs in vibrant colours. The paintings depict the spirit of the turn of the century. The exhibition provides a broad presentation of an intriguing artist. From the early paintings in France, through the extensive production for book illustrations and caricatures, to the large paintings with motifs that portrays social life and mythology. With its 78 art works, this is the most comprehensive exhibition of Törneman that has taken place since almost 50 years.

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Foto: Per Myrehed

Augusta Lundin. The First Fashion House in Sweden
29 August 2020 — 24 January 2021

In 1867, the dressmaker Augusta Lundin (1840–1919) opened Sweden’s first fashion studio, specialising in what they called French Sewing – the Swedish name for haute couture. Lundin introduced French trends in Sweden, so her customers in the royal family, the nobility and high society, but also in the arts and business sectors, could dress according to the latest European fashions. The exhibition features more than 50 elegant pieces from Augusta Lundin’s studio, from the 1880s to the 1930s.

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Hjalmar Söderberg and the arts. A jubilee exhibition
19 September 2019–14 February 2021


Gerda Wallander, Portrait of Hjalmar Söderberg, 1916, oil on canvas, 114 x 69 cm. Photo: Thielska Galleriet

Ernest Thiel and Hjalmar Söderberg were very good friends and the author used to stay in a room at the Thiel Gallery when visiting his friend. The exhibition shows portraits of Söderberg and drawings made by Söderberg himself. Books with ornaments made by the author and other objects that relates to Söderberg are also exhibited.

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