Guided viewing of Gravitational Ripples - memorial to victims of the tsunami disaster

Welcome to a guided viewing of Lea Porsager's land artwork Gravitational Ripples, a memorial to the victims of the tsunami disaster. The work is installed on Blockhusudded, at just a short distance from the Thiel Gallery.

Gravitational Ripples is inspired by a cosmic phenomenon known as gravitational waves, predicted by Einstein as early as in 1916, but first measured by scientists in 2016. Gravitational waves arise when two celestial bodies orbit each other, spinning closer and closer together, unleashing energy so powerful that it creates ripples in spacetime itself. The memorial conveys this all-encompassing, pulsating movement of the universe. The work by Lea Porsager is a meditation on the boundless forces of the universe, a reminder of the cosmic disruptions that bind and unite us.

The viewing is led by Inger Höjer Aspemyr and is free of charge. The viewing is given in Swedish only.

Meeting place: Main entrance at the Thiel Gallery