Lecture and music: Oskar Bergman and Swedenborg's system of correspondences

Welcome to a lecture on Oskar Bergman and Emanuel Swedenborg's system of correspondences.


Introduktion: Sophie Allgårdh, curator at Thiel Gallery
Föredrag: Susanna Åkerman, secretary at Swedenborg Forum

Piano: Jonas Lundahl (N Björkander, S. Palmgren, Elfrida Andrée)

Oskar Bergman was an artist who was deeply engaged and interested in the theology of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a Swedish theologian, scientist and mystic. Bergman had an impressive collection of original editions of Swedenborg's writings and publications in Latin. The artist believed in Swedenborg's theological idea regarding the system of correspondences, where the term correspondence refers to the relationship between two levels of existence.

Bergman's depiction of detailed landscape sceneries can thus be understood in the light of Swedenborg's theology; all earthly matters are reflections of the divine. The theology of Swedenborg has nevertheless had an immense impact on Bergman's artistry.


Nils Björkander – Idyll, ur Fyra Skärgårdsskisser 1926
Selim Palmgren – Majnatt Op. 27, No 4 1910
Elfrida Andrée – Om kvällen Op. 4, No 3 1872

This event accompanies the temporary exhibition Still nature. Oskar Bergman (February 18 - August 20)

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