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Augusta Lundin. The First Fashion House in Sweden

29 augusti 2020 — 24 januari 2021

Augusta Lundin is regarded as Sweden’s first couture-seamstress and created dresses of the highest splendour. Her creations followed the currents of contemporary European fashion and they were worn by the royalty and the upper-class, but also by members of the cultural sphere.
Lundin was a very important figure in Swedish fashion history, but her creations and works are surprisingly unknown to the public.

Lundin collaborated with Otto Gustaf Bobergh who had started the first established haute couture store, Maison Worth & Bobergh, together with the British tailor Charles Frederick Worth in 1858. After the meeting with Bobergh, Lundin travelled to Paris at least once a year to get inspiration and to spread European fashion to Sweden. The exhibition is the first to put the pioneering work of Augusta Lundin in focus and contribute to the knowledge about a forgotten history of the Swedish fashion culture.

The exhibition tells the story about Augusta Lundin as a dynamic creator and entrepreneur around the turn of the twentieth century. The conditions of creation and the organisation of work, the clients` role and the taste of the time, the clothes` social functions and aesthetic quality are thematised and displayed with costumes, objects and images in the exhibition. The lavish historical clothes are the core objects in the exhibition, but with a number of non-finished items which gives the viewer the opportunity to see the work of the inside of the clothes and get an insight of the challenges of French sewing.
This exhibition is made in close collaboration with the two curators and experts on fashion Anna Bergman and Lotta Lewenhaupt. It is produced together with Malmö Museums and the Museum of Gothenburg (Göteborgs stadsmuseum).

The exhibition will be displayed at the Thiel Gallery in Stockholm during the period August 29 2020 – January 24 2021, thereafter at Malmö museums and at Museum of Gothenburg.

Augusta Lundin, 1913, Göteborgs stadsmuseum

Augusta Lundin, eveningdress. silk, 1893, Malmö museums

Augusta Lundin, Flâneur costume, 1880s, Hallwylska Museet

Augusta Lundin, 1904, Göteborgs stadsmuseum

Augusta Lundin, 1904, Göteborgs stadsmuseum

Augusta Lundin, 1922, Göteborgs stadsmuseum

Augusta Lundin, 1913, Göteborgs Stadsmuseum

Augusta Lundin, c. 1913, Göteborgs stadsmuseum