Christina Mattsson about Lisbet and Gocken Jobs. Two sisters - two artists

The name Jobs may be associated mainly with the richly flowering fabrics that have belonged to the classics of Swedish textile art since the 1940s. Less known is that Lisbet Jobs and Gocken Jobs first trained themselves as a potter. As two independent artists, they worked side by side and their work came to receive international reputation.

Christina Mattsson, folklorist, radio colleague (including as head of P2) and former governor of the Nordic Museum, talks about the sisters' artistry based on the book Jobs pottery and textile (Votum förlag 2018).

The exhibition Sisters Jobs - ceramics and textiles. Pattern art and flower joy open February 23. Please come in good time to enjoy coffee with home baked goods or a delicious dish in Café Monika Ahlberg.

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Christina Matsson, föreläsare.